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Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Decals and Buttons

Q- What is your return policy?
A- Stickers are custom made to order and are not returnable or exchangeable-NO EXCEPTIONS. If your sticker arrives with a defect, please return it to us within 10 business days and we will exchange it for a new one at no charge.

Q- What colors do the stickers come in?
A- The stickers are available in many colors. Please view our color chart. Click here.

Q-What fonts are available for custom stickers?
A- We have almost every imaginable font. If you are looking for something specific please list it with your order or we will put whatever font we think looks the best for the design and email it before it is cut. Send us the EXACT font name or copy the URL from your address bar and paste in the font field - we will grab the font and create your design with it at no additional charge! This gives you the opportunity to choose from thousands of fonts unlike all other vinyl place that give you a few standard fonts to choose from.

Q- Are cars the only things I can apply the stickers to?
A- You can apply our stickers to any smooth surface. Some great places are: cars, trucks, boats, r.v.'s, motorcycles, skateboards, bicycles, helmets, trapper keepers, mirrors, walls, doors, plates, tile, etc

Q- How long does it take to get the stickers?
A- You should receive your stickers in 5 to 7 business days. If it is going to be anything different we will contact you.

Q- How big are the stickers?
A- Sticker size varies with each sticker. Most of our stickers are available in three sizes.

Q- How do I remove the stickers if I want to?
A- Heat the area where the sticker is with a blow dryer and just peel the sticker back off. If their is any sticker adhesive still left on the window just clean it off with window cleaner. If the sticker was on the car paint then just buff the area with car wax.

Q- Can I peel the sticker off and use it again?
A- No, once you've applied the sticker you cannot use it again. Once the sticker is removed you will have to throw it away.

Q- Can you do custom creations?
A- Yes. There will be a set up fee but we are happy to create something unique for you or your organization.

Q- Do you sell your art work.
A- Please contact us to discuss.

Q-What size do the button designs need to be?
A-Click here to download the AI and PSD Templates. (Right click to save as.)

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